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Mar 29 2016


While mommy & Annie were away in Hong Kong, I somehow managed to finally learn how to sign!

I do get “more” and “all done” confused, though. So that makes for some very interesting conversations. Also, this past week, I’ve started screaming and whining whenever I want something, so mommy is also trying to teach me to sign “hungry” and “thirsty.”

Mar 22 2016

iPhone Photos #10

IMG_4697 IMG_4700 IMG_4716IMG_4705IMG_4414IMG_4440IMG_4538IMG_4499IMG_4497IMG_4561

Mar 10 2016


So it’s no wonder being that both my parents are musicians. Annie loves music, but not to the degree that I do. If I’m crying in the car, music does the trick. I like watching live worship on our TV. And last night, on our way to dinner, we walked past a restaurant that had a speaker above its front door, blaring music, and I just stopped and stared at it.

But nothing gets me as excited as when daddy plays his guitar. I ask him to do it frequently by pulling out his guitar case from under the couch.