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Sep 29 2016

Two Years

A few days ago, I turned TWO!

Since I had a massive celebration when I turned one, my birthday this year was low-key. The night before, mommy & Annie went to Party City to pick up some birthday balloons (I like “Blaze & The Monster Machine”). When daddy got me, I was still asleep.


“Minnows!” (balloons)




Next, I wanted to help mommy make my favorite brunch: pancakes & bacon!


Then we tackled my ginormous train set from my G.G. & Grandpa!


A little pre-nap snuggle.


During my nap, my Aunt Hannah delivered a few more presents. Once I woke up, I headed straight for those presents and started trying to open them!


Then, we packed up dinner and headed to watch airplanes take off at the airport!


Then, we tried to light candles for my cupcake, but there was a storm coming in, so it was quite windy.


Then it started pouring, so we hurried back home in time for a bath & bedtime!

Sep 21 2016

Fun with Asian Grandpa

Last month, Asian Grandpa came to visit us for a week!


We rode a carousel together.

I showed him my dance moves.

We had so much fun together! I can’t wait to see him again next year!