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Oct 26 2017


This summer, I took swimming lessons for the first time. Annie has been seeing Mr. Kaleb for the past few summers, so it was nothing new to her. Also, mommy and Auntie Tiffany managed to coordinate together, and I was in the same class as their kids! WE WERE ALL SO EXCITED!!!!!

Having familiar faces around me made it much easier. I didn’t cry or freak out or anything at all. Nothing. They all cheered me on, and because they had all taken lessons before, I would watch what they were doing and see that it wasn’t so hard at all. Also, I have no fear of water anyway. Check out what I learned!

We had a blast! Can’t wait for next summer! Maybe Baby Chessa will be old enough to join us.

Oct 16 2017

Asian Grandpa

Oh, how I love my Gong-Gong. Love it when he comes to visit us every summer!

Mommy didn’t get a ton of pictures because we were so busy having fun together! He brought us so many goodies from Hong Kong (shoes, clothes, toys, snacks), and my favorite time with him was when we all went to the local pool. I swam SO HARD that morning: I dove for rings, I blew bubbles under the water, I wanted to jump off the diving board, I jumped off the side of the pool instead, I wanted to do it all! I was fearless.

Oct 6 2017

Three Years

If you ask me how old I am, I will say, “I’m 3 years old!”