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Sep 25 2015

One Year | First Birthday Party

I am one year old today! Hooray!!!!!

I have learned how to suck on a straw, which is a big deal for me. We are currently working on transitioning me exclusively to sippy cups.

I love toys with lights. Especially LED lights.

Despite my aversion to feeding myself (yep, I totally backtracked), I will eat a healthier version of a Nutri-grain bar that mommy buys from Whole Foods all by myself. So apparently, the ability is there – it just depends on the food.

My favorite TV show is Team Umizoomi. I most certainly prefer that over Olivia or Doc McStuffins, which are the shows that Annie likes to watch.

Mommy originally wanted to keep my first birthday party super small and low-key. But she really wanted to take me swimming, since I love going to our pool. Well, because of what was available, we ended up having a big party with about 50 people!

Mommy & daddy rented out the pool area at our brand-new rec center, just for me and all our friends. All the kids had a blast, including myself! Well, actually, I was a little cranky, but based on how late I slept in the next morning, mommy & daddy knew I had a great time!


We didn’t open presents or sing Happy Birthday or anything like that. Given my very slow reaction to big boy food, mommy¬†figured I would probably just spit the cake out. So she fed me frosting from a spoon while my Aunt Hannah held me, and I was alright with that.

Sep 22 2015

Product Promotion #4

So despite mommy’s efforts at making my baby food, this is my favorite brand:


She gave me homemade food and pouches (all the organic brands), and they were always hit or miss. Then, she realized that jarred food a) was cheaper and b) had less filler ingredients. So she bought some, and I have yet to taste a flavor that I do not like. And yes, I turn 1 on Friday, and I STILL prefer to be spoon-fed baby food.

Sep 10 2015

On The Move

I am almost a year old now, and I’ve been on the move for quite some time! I started crawling a while back, and then randomly one weekend at church, I decided to start crawling up the stairs! Mommy had absolutely no idea I could even do that.

Now, I am climbing up onto beds and couches. Fortunately, I also know how to get down them pretty well. And also, a few steps of walking here and there.