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Aug 25 2015

Eleven Months

I am eleven months old today! Holy guacamole!!!!!

_NBP3521 copy

I am very close to walking! I can take about 3-5 steps before falling. Of course, mommy tried to get some action shots, but I was too fast for her!

I have been SUPER clingy and whiney lately. Mommy’s praying it’s my teeth and not my personality.

I LOVE chips. Potato & tortilla. Basically, if it’s a carb and it’s crunchy, I will take it and eat it. Nothing else, though.

Have I told you how ticklish I am? Super. Especially on my chest and my hands.

_NBP3527 copy _NBP3543 copy _NBP3535 copy

Aug 22 2015

Lambie’s Ear

Told you I loved sucking on its ears. Mommy now has 3 of these: 1 in my crib, 1 in my drawer, and 1 in the wash. She has to wash at least one every time she does laundry. Also, check me out kinda standing!

IMG_3833 copy IMG_3835 copy

Aug 17 2015

Fun with Asian Grandpa

I met my Asian Grandpa for the first time! He travels from Hong Kong every summer to see mommy & my Uncle Jason. It took me a few hours to warm up to him, but after that, we were best buds!

IMG_3959IMG_3966 IMG_3967IMG_3973IMG_3970IMG_3975IMG_4005IMG_4008

Mommy warned me that he would adore my chunky rolls (she said that he’s always loved fat babies), and sure enough, he took a picture of my thighs and sent it to all my aunts & uncles in Hong Kong. And they all oooh’d and aaah’d over email.