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Sep 29 2017

Lake City

This summer, we traveled to Lake City, CO for our family vacation! I had never been – shoot, I had never even been on a road trip longer than 8 hours. The drive was very long, but I was excited for some adventure! We went with all our friends from church, and it was SO MUCH FUN playing with all the kids!

We got caught in a rainstorm in Creede!

Playing with a water gun!

Going hiking with daddy.

SMORES! Also, totally unafraid of fire (like daddy).

We went to Lake San Cristobal and played in sticky mud! BEST. DAY. EVER.

I was part of the applesauce gang! Also, I wanted to climb every rock and hill and mountain that I saw. A lot of the older kids were super nice and helped me every time.

Mommy took us to play mini golf while daddy went fishing. It was my first time, and I am OBSESSED.

Sep 24 2017

iPhone Photos #20

Me every weekend at church: watching the drummer during soundcheck.

Saying bye to Annie for a few days as she headed to Austin with Asian Grandma to visit our cousins.

Sep 19 2017

Photo Shoot #4

Over the summer, we went to Emporia, KS to visit family (a separate post on that later). While we were there, my Aunt Hannah & Uncle Matt took some family photos!

Aaaaannnnnd I was done.