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Apr 23 2016

iPhone Photos #11

Enjoying one of my favorite things: salsa!

Bath time with all my girl cousins! Haha!

Apr 11 2016

Product Promotion #7

So while we all know that I love music, it should also be noted that I absolutely love wireless bluetooth speakers. I mean, why wouldn’t I? I can walk around with it while it’s blasting music. My own personal boombox.


This red Nixon Mini Blaster was the first one that my parents ever bought, and it was intended for daddy to be able to listen to music that wasn’t through his iPhone speakers. But lo and behold, I saw it, grabbed it, and wouldn’t let go. When the music turned off, I got rather upset and demanded it be turned back on. Now, I automatically know that when it turns on, the speaker says a big loud “YES!”, and I like to do the same thing.

Right now, I am currently enjoying a bath while playing with another bluetooth speaker that mommy found at Target.┬áThe Mini Blaster is waterproof, but mommy didn’t really want to risk trying – especially since it belonged to daddy. So she found this $30 and bought it for our bath times.


It’s pretty fun playing with it in the bath! I especially love submerging it under water and hearing how different the music sounds. Seems like I have my daddy’s music engineer ears.