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Jan 25 2015

Four Months

I am four months old today! Yay!!!

_NBP1632 copy

I am a roller! My sister, Annie, didn’t roll over until she was about 5 months old, and even then, she was kinda like, whatever. I, on the other hand, roll from my stomach to my back almost every day while I sleep. Still working on back-to-stomach, but I’m getting close!

It took about a month, but I am back to sleeping through the night again. Kinda.

I love to eat my fists. They’re just so yummy.

I am starting to reach out and grab things now. Mommy says that’s good hand-eye coordination, and it means I might be getting some real food soon!

_NBP1633 copy _NBP1635 copy _NBP1631 copy

Jan 15 2015

iPhone Photos #2

IMG_3188 copy IMG_3221 copyIMG_3219 copy IMG_3228 copy IMG_3230 copy IMG_3306 copy IMG_3307 copy

My first time in a Bumbo! Not too bad.

IMG_3377 copy IMG_3379 copy

Jan 8 2015

Playing with Daddy