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Feb 24 2016

Fun with Auntie Lauren

Last week, mommy & Annie travelled to Hong Kong for Asian Grandpa’s wedding. So I spent most of my days at my Auntie Lauren’s house while daddy worked. She put me down for my naps, fed me lunches & dinners, bathed me & brought me along for errands & social events. Let’s just say, I had a blast!!!!! With 5 kids, 2 cats and 1 giant dog, it was heaven! Daddy said as soon as we would walk up to her door, I would start getting happy & excited.


Feb 17 2016

Photo Shoot #3


Feb 2 2016

Fun with Asian Grandma

A few weeks ago, we all went ice skating with Asian Grandma! And by “we”, I mean mommy, daddy & Annie went ice skating while I hung out with Asian Grandma! Apparently, she was doing something really funny in the video because she sure made me laugh!