May 15 2015

Product Promotion #3

Mommy got this sweet paci for me before I was born. Annie had something similar, and it really helped keep her paci in her mouth while she was swaddled.


Well, it turns out that I preferred sleeping on my stomach, so mommy & daddy could never swaddle me. But they always kept the lamb paci in my crib and gave it to me when I slept. Lately, I’ve gotten pretty good at grabbing it and putting it in my mouth, but I don’t always get the right part. I often get caught happily sucking on the legs or especially the ears. So naturally, “lambie” started getting a bit gross. Mommy threw it in the wash and gave me a different paci, but I couldn’t sleep. Putting “lambie” in the wash didn’t really help clean it either, so she bought another one.

And of course, I don’t like the new one. I won’t fall asleep with it. Has to be original, yucky “lambie.”

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