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Mar 25 2015

Six Months

I am six months old today! I’m so excited!

_NBP1707 copy

Spring has finally arrived, so as you can see, mommy & daddy took me to the lake for my first time. I loved it. Totally tried to eat the sand off my toes. And I wouldn’t really smile at the camera because there was just so much stuff to look at.

I love it when someone pulls a shirt over my head. Kinda like a really quick game of peek-a-boo.

My favorite noise to make is some SUPER loud grunting.

Sometimes when I’m on my stomach, I even get up onto my hands and knees. I cannot wait to start moving!

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Mar 20 2015


Well, it turns out that I HATE baby cereal. Blech! Mommy knows that it tastes kinda bland, so she’s not totally surprised. I not only spit it up, but if I swallow any, I be sure to spit it back up a few minutes later. My face says it all.

SO, mommy thought that I should try some real food then. She’s been reading about some nutritious first foods to give to babies, so she was kinda on the fence about baby cereal anyway (funny how just 4 years ago, most moms did baby cereal and my sister LOVED it – #foodtrend). She had some bananas that were ripe, so she gave me some. And whaddyaknow? I loved it!

So far, she’s given me bananas, avocados with a bit of broth in it, soft boiled egg yolks, and applesauce. So far, nothing too terrible. Next up: sweet potatoes!

Mar 14 2015

Annie’s Room

I absolutely LOVE my sister Annie’s room. I think mainly because she’s in there, but there’s also just so much to see.   If mommy needs to get some things done, she’ll put me in there because she knows she won’t hear any complaining from me!

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