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Jun 29 2016

Asian Grandma Gets Me To Eat

The power of a grandmother. She has gotten me to eat things that nobody has gotten me to eat – before and since.

Here I am happily eating honeydew melon (I hate cut up fruit).

And here I am, visiting her right before my bedtime. And her dinner looked so good that I insisted on a second meal for myself. I ate nearly all of her dinner. Mommy couldn’t get me to eat that much food if she tried.


Jun 17 2016

Product Promotion #8

These never fail to satisfy me.


These are made with fairly clean ingredients, but because they still do contain cane sugar, I only get these as a treat once in a while or for breakfast if I have to eat in the car (minimal mess). I ADORE these fig bars. Funnily enough, mommy tried to get me to eat a Larabar the other day because they’re healthier, but I tried one bite and gave it back to her. #fail So she keeps these stocked at home but wisely out of my reach and sight.

Jun 1 2016

More Love for Music