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Nov 22 2017

Model Drummer

I dressed up as a drummer for Fall Festival at school (since I hate costumes). Mommy & daddy said these pictures make me look like a model. Whatever that is.

Nov 13 2017


This year was my first time to attend preschool! Unlike Annie, I didn’t cry when I was dropped off for the first time. Headed straight for the blocks and never looked back.

(I have gotten a haircut since this picture. Cuz that faux hawk was insane. Got me a lot of compliments, tho)

School is my favorite thing, and I ask to go almost every day. I’ve even learned some of my classmates’ names! (Unlike my sister, who never learned anyone’s name until the end of the year.)

Nov 6 2017

iPhone Photos #21

Only boy in a circle of girls. Oh yeeeeeeaahh.