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Aug 30 2017


Well, when your daddy is a music producer and you show some signs of being a drummer, you get your very own drum set! Daddy found me this awesome kit just for kids, designed by Questlove for Ludwig. No clue who or what that is, but it is awesome! It is currently set up in daddy’s studio, where I can go over and play it whenever I want! And don’t worry, I also have a set of headsets to protect my hearing. 🙂

Aug 18 2017

What Does Batman Say?

This will only make sense if you’ve seen the Lego Batman movie. Also, mommy is super proud that she taught me this. #ParentingWin #ParentingFail

Aug 4 2017


Mommy took me to get a haircut recently! I was a little unsure and a bit whiney at first because I really wanted to leave my shirt on. But surprisingly, my favorite part was the hairdryer!

Asian Grandma was with us, so she took me to get frozen yogurt and snapped a selfie!