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Dec 25 2014

Three Months

I am three months old today! Wahoo!


We are currently in NM celebrating Christmas with daddy’s family. It’s been fun meeting my cousins and aunts and uncles!

I had started sleeping all the way through the night for a few days. Then we got here, and it kinda messed everything up. 🙂

As you can see, I sure do love to smile and coo! Especially when someone’s talking sweet to me.

I eat 4 times a day, 7 oz each time. Mommy says I’m on the upper scale of what I should be eating. Thank goodness I seem to be rather long, so I’m not just chunking out!

Dec 20 2014

iPhone Photos #1

IMG_3060 copy IMG_3048 copy IMG_3077 copy IMG_3061 copy IMG_3089 copy IMG_3091 copy IMG_3082 copy IMG_3111 copy IMG_3250 copy

Dec 11 2014

Product Promotion #2

One day, mommy decided to try letting me sleep in the bassinet in the closet. She set me down on my tummy (because I love sleeping on my tummy) and closed the door. For whatever reason, I wasn’t super happy. So I cried. After crying for a few minutes, mommy came to get me. And when she turned me over onto my back, she noticed that my face was noticeably red. She thought maybe it was a heat rash, but my skin just got more and more red and bumpy. Then it started oozing a little bit of clear liquid. Mommy did some quick research and concluded that I must have developed eczema. We quickly ran to the store and picked some of this up:


She applied that and coconut oil on my skin several times a day, and my skin gradually returned to normal after about a week. Mommy said when it was at its worst, my skin looked “angry.”

My bassinet doesn’t have a soft, breathable mattress like my crib, just a hard, waterproof mat. So she figured that since I was rubbing my cheek in my tears and drool and sweat, it must have irritated my skin. She bought a new mat and some cotton sheets, and it doesn’t irritate my skin as much. It still gets a little red if I’ve been sleeping in the bassinet for a while, but it goes back to normal after a few hours.