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Jun 25 2015

Nine Months

I am nine months old today! Hay chihuahua!!!!!

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So I started crawling on Mother’s Day; on Father’s Day last week, I started babbling. Nothing much, just a lot of bah bah and bleh bleh.

If I wake up upset, mommy send Annie to my room. She calms me down very quickly, and I’m immediately happy that she’s there. Sometimes, she’ll even get in my crib with me, usually with a plethora of stuffed animals.

I don’t appear to scare very easily. If I take a particularly rough tumble or if Tele starts barking suddenly, I don’t cry. Oh, but if I accidentally turn on DJ Roomba while I’m pressing all his buttons, I do get a little scared and start demanding to be held.

I absolutely love being held. It solves all the problems in my world. Don’t care by who, just somebody hold me.

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Jun 19 2015

Eatin’ Real Food

Well, mommy had high hopes for my first finger food: sweet potato cubes, kale chips, blueberries, maybe even some steak.

But nope. I went straight for Cheesecake Factory’s bread. I had never put any food in my mouth before, so mommy & daddy were shocked when I started doing this!

Jun 11 2015


I am growing and getting stronger! I love to practice walking, and sometimes, I can even stand by myself for a few seconds. Pulling myself up is cake.

I went through a rough few days last week. Mommy couldn’t tell if it was because my allergies were flaring up (hers did, too) or if I was teething, but I was super grouchy. And I did NOT want to eat any of my food. Unless it was sweet potatoes. Thankfully, I am over that hump now, and I am eating like a champ.

Speaking of eating, it appears that I am a big texture baby. I’m not sure how I feel about food that isn’t completely soft and pureed. Mommy made something with fruit and quinoa for me, and I just looked at her like she was trying to kill me. But I have discovered a love for bread, and just yesterday, I ate tortilla chips all by my own initiative (with mommy & daddy watching me very closely). Mommy also gave me some of her brisket from her tacos (we were at Taco Diner), and I loved it.

My skin seems to be rather prone to dry patches and areas of mild eczema. Mommy’s not too worried, they don’t ever seem to bother me, and maybe my skin is just trying to sort itself out – Annie’s skin is still trying to figure itself out. But after my bath, mommy slathers me with almond oil (and lavender + melaleuca if it appears to be rashy), and it seems to help. Especially on my cheeks, which have been getting dry because mommy has been wiping my snotty nose so dang much.