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Apr 25 2015

Seven Months

I am seven months old today! Whoa!!!!!

_NBP2043 copy

I am most definitely, for sure, sleeping all the way through the night now! Mommy figured out that she wasn’t taking my morning naps seriously, so she rearranged her schedule, and now, at least 5-6 days a week, we stay home so that I can get a good morning nap. And it has helped me sleep all the way through the night with no problems! We are so excited about that! #DontMessWithNaptime

I am loving new food. I still get a 7 oz bottle 4 times a day, but I also get food 3 times a day at mealtimes. My favorites so far are avocados, bananas, egg yolk, Asian Grandma’s congee with tofu, egg and soy sauce, peas and bananas, prunes, blueberries and apple sauce, and black beans. My no-nos so far have been baby cereal and non-flavored yogurt (blech!).

I am not crawling quite yet, but I can still move to get places! It’s quite a mystery to my parents.

Daddy estimates that I must be close to 25 lbs. Mommy doesn’t think I’m quite that heavy, but neither of them have bothered to actually weigh me and find out.

_NBP2039 copy _NBP2055 copy _NBP2071 copy

Apr 20 2015

Photo Shoot #1

Daddy’s cousin is a fabulous baby photographer, but she doesn’t live around here, so we don’t get to see her very often. However, when my Aunt Hannah got married in February, we snuck in a quick photo shoot before the rehearsal dinner!

Like the setup? Daddy’s idea (of course).

brown-print-05 brown-print-09 brown-print-19 brown-print-21 brown-print-23 brown-print-27 brown-print-37 brown-print-43 brown-print-45 brown-print-61

Thank you, Aunt Libby, for these awesome pictures!

Apr 11 2015

iPhone Photos #4

IMG_3331 copy IMG_3330 copy IMG_3464 copy IMG_3345 copyIMG_3406 copyIMG_3420 copy

Mommy says I’m gonna be pretty embarrassed by this picture when I get older.
IMG_3419 copyIMG_3421 copyIMG_3447 copy

My awesome girl cousins Eden & Ariella fawning over me.
IMG_3469 copy

Gnawing on my first rib bone and trying to steal daddy’s steak.
IMG_3456 copyIMG_3473 copy