Welp, here I am at about 10 weeks.


Pretty small & cute, huh? I gave mommy a pretty good pregnancy. Not as easy as my big sister, but nothing terrible. Annie was really sweet to me while I was in mommy’s belly. She would sing to me and kiss her belly. At first, she really wanted me to be a girl, but she came around eventually. Here’s a video of me at around 30 weeks. You can see towards the end the doctor pointing out my privates. By then, mommy & daddy already knew I was a boy, but they had a surprise party for it so they hadn’t seen the proof for themselves.

I showed no signs of an early arrival,¬†unlike Annie who came 10 days early. Mommy had another c-section scheduled on September 25th, and everything went very smoothly. We arrived at the hospital at 10:00 am, and I was out by 12:30 pm. My G.G. & Pop-Pop were already in town, taking care of my Aunt Hannah who had knee surgery the week prior, and they were also taking care of Annie while we stayed in the hospital. My Asian Grandma came up a couple of times to hold me, and she’ll be back periodically to help mommy. Asian Grandpa sent his love all the way from Hong Kong. I won’t be able to meet him until sometime next year.

We all went home on Sunday, September 28th right before noon, and I’ve been adjusting to life outside the hospital ever since. It’s pretty chill so far. I love hearing my sister talk, and I try to turn my head whenever I hear her (which is basically every second of every day). I also LOVE snuggling, especially if I’m trying to sleep. I don’t really like getting my diaper changed, but I get¬†really upset when I’m hungry. Mommy says it’s because I’m a boy. I’ll probably eat them out of house and home.