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Oct 29 2015

First Birthday Party Video

Oct 21 2015

Product Promotion #5

I am very slowly starting to feed myself food. This is the first thing I fed myself:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 10.30.55 PM

Mommy buys these for Annie when there isn’t much time for breakfast in the mornings. I saw her eating them one morning and started reaching for it. And now, they are my absolute favorite things to eat. Mommy even found these slightly healthier ones (due to added veggies):


So any sort of fruit/veggie/Nutrigrain/breakfast/cereal bar of similar texture and taste, I will eat it myself. Happily.

Oct 8 2015

iPhone Photos #7

IMG_3704 copy IMG_3724 copy

Falling asleepĀ on my Aunt Hannah after some swimming.
IMG_4113 copyIMG_4143 copy IMG_4154 copyIMG_3769

Snuggling up with Miss Mia, one of my MANY beautiful babysitters.