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Feb 25 2015

Five Months

I am five months old today! Cowabunga!!!!


I am FINALLY, CONSISTENTLY sleeping through the night. That took much longer than expected. I think Christmas threw me way off, and then the “four-month teething monster” got me. But whatevs, I’m good now! I get my last bottle around 8:30 pm, and I’m in bed before 9:30 pm. I sleep all the way until 7:30 or 8:00 am, sometimes even later.

I absolutely love to sit up now. If I’m positioned just so, I can even sit up by myself for a few seconds (like in these pictures). No need to burp me over your shoulder either – just sit me up and it happens!

Since I started rolling, I am now almost exclusively a side- and tummy-sleeper.

I stand up pretty well, too. Once I figured out how to lock my knees, it was all fun from there! I haven’t figured out how to bounce yet, and mommy is quite alright with that.


Feb 17 2015


I had my 4-month checkup last week. I am now over 17 lbs! In the 85th percentile for height and weight, only in the 30th percentile for my head size. I guess not all Browns have big heads.

I have two teeth coming in!!!!!!

Still not quite sleeping through the night yet. Now that we have evidence of my teeth, we’re pretty sure we know why. Best case scenario, I wake up once. Worst case scenario, I wake up 4-6 times. Funnily enough, EVERY time I have spent the day with the Neese kids, I sleep all the way through the night. I guess 6 kids plus my sister wear me out!

Mommy has started me on some baby cereal – video coming soon!. I’m not super interested, although I did get the hang of it fairly quickly (not as quickly as my sister did, though). About halfway through, I start fussing. Mommy’s gonna wait a little while longer and try again.

I absolutely love hanging out in my sister’s room. There’s just so much to look at, and she’s always close by, which I love. I just hang out on the rug and roll around as I please.

Feb 9 2015

A New … Something

I discovered how to … gargle? Kinda roll my tongue? Make a funny sound?