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Nov 25 2014

Two Months

I am two months old today! Yowza!!!


Actually, more likeĀ oy vey. It seems I might be going through a growth spurt: I haven’t been sleeping well, I cry for food 30 minutes early, and the only time I’m happy is when someone is snuggling with me. Mommy had to get some things done today, so this was her solution to get me to nap.

I don’t like getting my mouth wiped. I’m such a boy.

I have some insane thighs. Mommy was trying to put these jeans on me yesterday, and it took her forever to get them past my chunk. I like my food.

I am happiest in the morning after breakfast. I love to smile and coo – but nobody makes me smile and coo quite like my sister Annie. Mommy tried to get a picture of that today, but I wasn’t having it.

Nov 12 2014

Product Promotion #1

So when I was born, mommy & daddy noticed my big appetite. So big in fact that I would be too mad to even nurse. And when I did nurse, the milk just couldn’t come fast enough for me. So we made the switch to being exclusively bottle-fed (no biggie, my sister was, too). But then, we started realizing that I was sucking in a lot of air from those bottles because I was wanting to eat so fast. Enter gas pains. I’d start crying in the middle of my feedings, and my burps were quite epic. And then I’d start crying again because I was still hungry. It was no fun.

Mommy had heard about Dr. Brown’s bottles a few years ago, so she thought she’d give them a try. She bought one, and we immediately noticed a difference. I was sucking in much less air, and I was actually drinkingĀ slower and more steadily. No more crying. Well, unless I’m hungry.


Nov 3 2014

Cousins (Asian Side)

Last week, I got to meet some of my cousins on mommy’s side. We’re all half-Chinese, half-white. Which means, we’re a pretty cute bunch. It’s also interesting to note that thus far, I am the only boy on this side of the family.

All pictures taken by my Aunt TJ.

IMG_2074 IMG_2075 IMG_2085 IMG_2089 IMG_2105 IMG_2107 IMG_2103 IMG_2106 IMG_2112 IMG_2115