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Oct 25 2014

One Month

I am now one month old. Yippee!

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The past couple of nights I’ve only woke up once to eat, between 3:30 am & 4:30 am.

I don’t particularly enjoy having my diaper changed. Although I certainly prefer that over a poopy diaper!

I LOVE snuggling. I am a snuggle & cuddle bug.

I’ve already got some rolls coming in.

Oct 11 2014

First Two Weeks

First 2 weeks of life was pretty good. I’m a fairly easygoing baby, but I have a VORACIOUS appetite. Which means every 2-3 hours, I start screaming for food. And when I do get it, I gulp it down so fast that I get pretty gassy. Mommy said that I’m such a typical boy. At my 2-week checkup, I surpassed my birth weight – I’m now 8 lbs 2 oz!

Asian Grandma has been over almost every day to give mommy & daddy a bit of a break. She’s become an expert on burping me. Annie has been a super helpful big sister, too. She loves helping mommy change my diapers, and she’s been very patient with me when I’m crying.

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Oct 4 2014

First Bath

Well, I didn’t quite pout like my big sister Annie … I screamed instead. Mommy & daddy are discovering that I don’t really like to be naked, a fact that is very puzzling to daddy. He says, “Brown boys like to be naked!” But I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy it when I get older.

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