Sep 25 2014

My Birth Day

Well, people. I came as scheduled. Mommy had a c-section scheduled for September 25th, and that is when I came out.

12:30 pm | 7 lbs 13 oz | 20.5 in

15402264052_b35fcfb5b0_z 15379558426_5bf5999ec1_z 15402584865_481051c4f1_z 15215983158_41fe4c5629_z 15399393471_f9daff4c45_z 15399389911_86c661c3d1_z 15215812299_786f2f93e1_z15399374271_20c1f10e62_z 15215796179_fc64a434b8_z 15215884620_adc1c4ef0f_k 15379516916_c38e25231c_z 15402219642_764ea7a1a4_z 15399358821_e9a75caed1_z 15215937828_bac6e781c4_z 15379497836_9776057ee8_z

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